Why buy products from the salon?​


Salon products are guaranteed by your stylists. These are the products that the stylist studies and takes classes on, therefore you will always buy a product that is right for your hair! Plus, buying straight from a salon, you know that your product's shelf life is still good and that the product has been mixed to the exact ingredients that are on the bottle.

Some large stores that carry "salon products" receive them in large bulk, where they sit in a ware house. Some products sit in the sun to long, run out of their shelf life, or were sold cheaper because there was a "goof" in the mixing of the product.

DGS guarantees all of the products that we sale. If you are not happy with the product purchased, bring it back, and we will exchange it for you! Plus, the product lines that the salon carries offers us better classes determined on the products we are sealing. Its a win for you, the client, all around!

DGS is proud to carry:

Wella, Aquage,

Biomega, Johnny B, Nioxin


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